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Digital Developer - ActionScript, Flash/Animate, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Adobe Experience Manager, Audacity, SourceTree

Available for Web and iPad

My work for Scholastic primarily focused on developing educational games, that were played in classrooms across the United States. I would be responsible for programming, development of over a hundred games during my time with the company between 2015 and 2018. This work was done almost exclusively in Adobe Flash/Animate, with ActionScript and JavaScript as the primary languages. I was also responsible for creating some animations with vector and bitmap graphics to be placed into the games I worked on, as well as editing audio for many of the games in Audacity. After completing development, I managed uploads of each game, both through Scholastic’s own CMS, and later, Adobe Experience Manager.


Ratios and Rates

I designed this game to help teach unit conversion and rate conversion skills, and developed it in JavaScript with Adobe Animate. The UI at gave the idea of dials on a bank vault, and the player would need to rotate the dials into the correct combination. Successfully solving the equation would open the vault and earn in-game cash, but failure to do so would raise your “alert level” and bring the game closer to its end.


Early American History

This game was built in Adobe Flash, and corresponded with a lesson on the Pony Express. As students would answer questions, the map would be filled in and the pony express would get further towards its destination.


Wildfires and Firefighting Facts

I made this game in JavaScript and jQuery, and it has simple drag-and-drop mechanics to match sentences. This corresponded with a lesson on wildfires, with reading comprehension elements.