Just Cause 3

UI Scripter - ActionScript 3, Flash, Perforce

Available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

My primary role was to program the Use Interface functionality, which included everything from the game’s map and power-up screens, to smaller widgets such ammunition counters and vehicle speed meters. I programmed in ActionScript 3.0, with Adobe Flash, while using Autodesk Scaleform to bring the Flash assets and code into the game itself. I also completed game design work in relation to how in-game challenges would be scored.


Game Trailer

A long video of gameplay with UI, from Polygon. I worked on almost every element of the game’s many UI systems.


The ‘Gear Mods’ Screen

This controlled how power-ups would be accessed and unlocked within the gameplay. I worked on nearly all of the elements related to the game’s menus, making sure that they would work with both console and PC controls.


Combat and ‘Liberation’ Widgets

This image shows several of the UI widgets onscreen at once, including the weapons widget with ammunition counter, the “remaining tasks” icon list in the upper left, and a “chaos meter” that shows a numerical value for how much chaos you are causing in the world, which will help you towards your goal of liberating the people of the in-game world.


A ‘Scrapyard Scramble’ Challenge

Within Just Cause 3, there are various in-game challenges and mini-games for the player to complete. Here are various widgets that support the player’s completion of the challenge, such as the remaining time, the current score, and accumulated score on the top of the screen, leader board info to the top right, and vehicle information on the bottom left.