Halloween Maze VR

Designer & Developer - Unity, C#, Audacity, GIMP

Available on the Google Play Store for Cardboard VR

This was my first project as solo indie developer, which I released for Google Cardboard VR. This game presents players with 3 different mazes, 2 of which require the player to collect jack o’ lanterns in order to complete. I designed and developed it in Unity, with C# code. It is currently available on the Google Play store.


Jack O’ Lantern Collection

Two of the mazes asked players to collect jack o’ lanterns, which the player could do so by finding and walking into them. As they did so, the world-space UI counter at the bottom of the player’s view would fill up to indicate progress.



In addition to the maze routes, Halloween-themed decorations were scattered throughout, with lighting provided by lanterns at strategic points to help with navigation and mood.