Potion Panic!

Designer & Developer - PlayCanvas, JavaScript

I worked with a small group of other developers to make a game for Facebook, which was demonstrated at their booth at the Game Developer’s Conference of 2018. The purpose of the demo was to show off some of the benefits and ease-of-use of their new Facebook Instant Games platform. “Potion Panic!” was made using PlayCanvas and JavaScript, and designed for mobile devices. Although “Potion Panic!” was not released publicly, the demo was well received by representatives from game studios and tech companies at the convention.

The game had the player assuming the role of a traveling potion brewer, who would take in customers and cure their various ailments and afflictions by discovering the correct combination of ingredients to make the best potion.


Title Screen

The title screen of “Potion Panic!,” showing the setting of the caravan with a customer waiting outside.


Potion Mixing

This is the screen where players would mix potions. Here, they can drag and drop up to three ingredients to their cauldron, from a list of six that are displayed on the sides. After completion, the potion would be displayed, and delivered to the customer. In this case, it is a werewolf potion, since one of the ingredients used was wolfsbane.


Customer Effects Screen

After creating the potion, its effects were shown on the customer, as depicted here. A werewolf potion was made, causing the customer to grow fur, fangs, and a tail. The “Share” button was disabled for the purposes of the demo. A sharing feature was to challenge Facebook friends to cure/help more customers than you.