Designer & Developer - Unity, C#, IBM Watson API

With a small group of developers and artists, I worked on a game for IBM, which was displayed at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. IBM had tasked us with utilizing their Watson AI plugin for Unity, which my team used for its speech recognition capabilities. “Computer:..!” asks players to assume the role of a space ship commander, who communicates with an onboard AI to defend the ship from asteroids and space bugs.


Title Screen

The game is started through the voice command of “Computer, engage launch.” This was to ensure from the beginning that the microphones were working correctly within the festival space, as well as showing the player how the game would respond to voice commands.


Laser Fire/Asteroid Destruction

The user would be required to give the voice command of either “Fire Port,” “Fire Starboard,” or “Fire Main” in order to fire lasers at asteroids approaching the ship from different sides.


Toast Command

An additional point of interaction around the ship allowed players to command the onboard AI to make them breakfast.