Don’t Look Away

Lead Developer - Unity, C#, Audacity

Available for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go

With a small team of other new York City indie developers, I worked on a psychological/atmospheric horror game for Samsung Gear VR (now also on Oculus Go). I worked as lead developer, and worked in Unity with C#. I also did design work for the lighting, sound effects, and various events that take place within the game. Since its release, it has achieved a milestone of over 300,000 downloads, all with no marketing budget available on our end.


Promotional Screenshot

This is an image of the setting of the game, a room in a haunted house. It was used as one of the promotional images of the game.


In-Game Screenshot

Another promotional image, which was taken from the Unity Editor. This is the perspective of the player during gameplay, with enhancement of color done to the image to bring out more details.