Halo: The Master Chief Collection (PC port)

UI Developer - Flash, ActionScript 3, C++, Teams

Soon to be available for PC

I worked with 343 Industries in a consultant capacity to document and analyze nearly all of the code and Flash files that supported the UI systems for the original Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This work was done so that a separate third-party company could go on to develop and refine the upcoming PC port’s UI systems in a more efficient and informed manner.


Player Details Screen

This screen will allow the player to see an overview of either their own profile, or another player’s profile.


The Social Game Setup Screen

This screen allowed for the player to setup parameters for a multiplayer game, before going to find other players to join them for a game that matched those parameters.


Skulls Tab of Campaign Screen

This shows the “Skulls” tab of the Campaign setup screen. This allowed for players to toggle on or off a large number of Skulls, which would apply special rules to campaign gameplay.


Brightness Settings Screen

This screen would allow for the player to change different aspect of brightness and video settings.